TPM Technology: Next Generation Engineering for Solar Power

Dynamo Renewable, LLC is engineering the future generation of Solar Panels. Our focus is on an underutilized power generation process called the Thermoelectric Effect. While there are many companies and products that exist based on Thermoelectric Devices (TEDs), we are developing a new approach we call the Thermoelectric Power Module (TPM).

TPMs hold promise to be the next generation solar power solution. While much effort is focused on new and exotic materials, or formulations of materials, to create more efficient Photovoltaic (PV) technology, TPMs offer a pathway to efficiency that can produce similar or better results without waiting decades for the technology to mature. TPM technology is based on well-known and well-established engineering and manufacturing techniques

Dynamo Renewable, LLC has discovered a new approach and design for TEDs that provide superior performance and improved solar power harnessing capabilities. TPM technology is at the core of our series of products, including:

TPM Technology Products

Our TPM Solar Panel solutions are innovative and revolutionary. The initial concept began in 2017, and we have been working hard ever since. We are excited to see TPM technology finally reach significant milestones in terms of efficiency and performance. The future of Solar Power is brighter than ever!