G-TPM Concentrated Solar Power Panels

A New Approach to Concentrated Solar Power – Using the Greenhouse Effect to Fight Climate Change

Using the Greenhouse effect to fight climate change is both ironic and possible. This new approach to concentrated solar power utilizes the “greenhouse effect” which is the process of concentrating solar radiation by allowing light energy to enter a space, but allowing less energy to leave the same space. By creating specially designed TPM’s, it is possible to concentrate solar radiation to generate higher power output. Using this approach requires a specially designed TPM to take full advantage of the concentrated solar energy. Also, the need to produce an appropriate temperature gradient for producing optimal power output is another challenge.

One of the core technologies behind Dynamo Renewable, LLC revolutionary solar panel products is the Thermoelectric Power Module (TPM). The concept for the TPM began as an effort to produce power comparable or in excess of traditional PV Solar Panels, using a brand new approach to commercial solar power production. The technology behind TPMs is well known but what makes TPMs special is applying that technology using new designs and techniques. The building blocks of TPMs are called Thermoelectric Devices (TEDs) and are generally used in specialized applications, making them expensive and inefficient.

At Dynamo Renewable, LLC, we have been able to redesign and configure TEDs in our TPM technology to produce energy that is significant compared to Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. During the course of our design research and testing, the concept for using a greenhouse effect to concentrate solar energy became an important topic. We set out to create new TPM designs to support this approach, and the result is the Greenhouse TPM Solar Panel, of the G-TPM.