Dynamo Renewable, LLC – The Future of Solar Power Generation

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At Dynamo Renewable, LLC we are engineering the future of solar power production. With our break-through technology, Thermoelectric Power Modules (TPMs) are the next generation of solar power. TPMs utilize a well known phenomenon called the Seebeck Effect to generate electricity from heat. While this discovery was made back in 1821, two hundred years later we creating new designs from semiconductor technology. This new approach has already demonstrated that it can effectively compete with traditional Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel technology. However, this demonstration was based on a combination of proprietary design and readily available commercial components. As we enter our next phase of development, we are extending our extensive scientific and engineering skills into new and innovative designs that promise to change the way we harness solar power.

Our initial testing began under strict, controlled environmental conditions. The purpose of this strict and controlled test was to determine if our approach to solar power generation could meet or exceed current PV solar power systems. The primary difference between PV and TPM technology is how solar power is converted into useful energy for people. This is critical because

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